Tuesday, 2 February 2016

World Chamionship of Ping Pong - 2016

World Championships of Ping Pong - 2016
All images taken at the 2016 World Championships of Ping Pong at Alexandra Palace, London, on the first evening of the tournament.

 World Champion - for the second year running-  England`s Andrew Baggeley
Ashley Stokes
Ireland`s Gavin Maguire
France`s Jerome Vitel at full stretch
Spain`s Oriol Monzo serving to Jerome Vitel
China`s Ying Yu
Ying Yu
Ying Yu celebrates with China`s team captain after beating Gavin Maguire
                                                       Richard Gonzalez (Philippenes)
Eli Baraty
Eli Baraty
On the way to World title No.2 - Andrew Baggaley

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