Tuesday, 4 February 2020

World Championships of Ping Pong - Alexandra Palace 2020

World Championships of Ping Pong - Alexandra Palace 2020

This event was held a few weeks ago at Alexandra Palace. It is becoming so big now, that it attracts players from all over the world, and the venue is sold out on both the Saturday and the Sunday.  It is broadcast on Sky TV over the weekend, and it really is a great event both to watch , and photograph . These are some of the photos taken on the Sunday. 

England`s Andrew Baggeley won in the final to become the first person to win the world title for a record fourth time. The final went right down to the wire, with Germany`s Alexander Flemming coming back in the fifth set from 11-14 down to level the score at 14 all ! It was then a one point shoot out, and fortunately Andrew hit his trademark backhand topspin down the line and Flemming didn't get anywhere near it . 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

World Chamionship of Ping Pong - 2016

World Championships of Ping Pong - 2016
All images taken at the 2016 World Championships of Ping Pong at Alexandra Palace, London, on the first evening of the tournament.

 World Champion - for the second year running-  England`s Andrew Baggeley
Ashley Stokes
Ireland`s Gavin Maguire
France`s Jerome Vitel at full stretch
Spain`s Oriol Monzo serving to Jerome Vitel
China`s Ying Yu
Ying Yu
Ying Yu celebrates with China`s team captain after beating Gavin Maguire
                                                       Richard Gonzalez (Philippenes)
Eli Baraty
Eli Baraty
On the way to World title No.2 - Andrew Baggaley